Gerrit P. Haase freeweb@nyckelpiga.de
Mon Jan 7 07:07:00 GMT 2002


I have uploaded dillo-0.6.3 http://dillo.sourceforge.net/
to my website.

Fetch your copy now:

This version requires Xfree86 for Cygwin && the
following Cygwin packages to be installed:
- jpeg
- png
- zlib
- libintl1

Also required (with shared libs):
- glib
- gtk+

Please see the xfree-cygwin archives for the patches of Steve
I used and the updated patch I made some weeks ago if you want
to build them yourself.

I use selfbuilt binaries, but there are some builds around
in the web which should work too.  Please report back to me if not.

After unpacking from the Cygwin root dir `/' the binary dillo.exe
lives in /usr/local/bin.

Then fire up X and type:
$ dillo &
at some prompt.

>From the README:

  Here's a list of some well known problems:

      * no FRAMES rendering
      * no cookies
      * no FTP
      * no https

Have fun!


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