Problems with xterm as distributed (Error 14, errno 2: No such file or directory) and solution

Ton van Overbeek
Mon Jan 7 01:29:00 GMT 2002


I've been using the Cygwin Xfree86 release to port a large Unix based
to the Cygwin/Xfree environment.
The application uses a Tcl/Tk based front-end which starts up an xterm
to do the
actual work.
The startup of the xterm fails with 'xterm: Error 14, errno 2: No such
file or directory'.
This issue came up also early last year on the mailing list: see the
thread starting
This thread did not give the cause of the problem. Some more looking
around on the
net showed that the problem is caused when xterm is started without a
terminal. This is exactly what happens in my case when started from a
Tcl/Tk procedure.
Looking at the xterm XFree86 sourcecode in the CVS at it
turns out
the problem has already been solved with CYGWIN specific code in main.c
(accepts ENOENT as a return code when trying to open /dev/tty in
function spawn()).
So I grabbed a copy of the xterm sources (xc/programs/xterm), recompiled
and it is working now.

An other issue is that the xterm application defaults are not installed.
They are not in the cygwin/xfree86 distribution and also did not get
by 'make install' after my recompilation.
After doing a 'touch' on and they got installed.
Some date/time confusion between Windows & Cygwin ??

I would suggest to replace the xterm in the distribution by the one from
the current xf_4_1 branch and also to include the app default files.


Ton van Overbeek

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