aterm under Cygwin/Xfree

Suhaib Siddiqi
Sat Jan 5 12:29:00 GMT 2002

X 3.3.6 had X11R6.3 libraries, the latest cygwin-xfree is X11R6.4 based.
Try recompiling aterm and linking to newer version of X libraries.


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> Subject: aterm under Cygwin/Xfree
>   Hey all,
> I've been using Cygwin for ages, and had installed the xfree package
> around a year ago. I wasn't actually running the xserver under Cygwin
> because a year ago it wasn't all that usable yet. I was using Exceed,
> which is a commercial X server, and was using the cygwin/xfree X
> applications.
> I had also compiled aterm under cygwin and was using that.
> Lately I installed a new machine, and decided to try cygwin/xfree on
> it. I
> was delighted to see that the X server is now perfectly usable!
> However,
> aterm no longer worked correctly. The aterm seems to be waiting for
> some
> sort of buffer to fill before it refreshes it's display. Either that
> or
> there's some sort of timing issue. Either way, it makes aterm almost
> unusable.
> The thing is, I thought this was a cygwin/xfree problem, since my old
> machine had not had cygwin updated on it in a while, and still had X
> 3.3.6
> on it. But about a week ago I upgraded cygwin (and NOT xfree) on my
> old
> machine, and aterm started exhibiting the same problem.
> I don't know if this is the right mailing list for this since it
> doesn't
> seem to be an xfree problem, but I figure people on this list might
> have
> encountered this sort of problem. I saw a similar question in the
> archive,
> but with no solution.
> TIA,
> -Yaron
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