aterm under Cygwin/Xfree

Sat Jan 5 11:39:00 GMT 2002

  Hey all,

I've been using Cygwin for ages, and had installed the xfree package
around a year ago. I wasn't actually running the xserver under Cygwin
because a year ago it wasn't all that usable yet. I was using Exceed,
which is a commercial X server, and was using the cygwin/xfree X

I had also compiled aterm under cygwin and was using that.

Lately I installed a new machine, and decided to try cygwin/xfree on it. I
was delighted to see that the X server is now perfectly usable! However,
aterm no longer worked correctly. The aterm seems to be waiting for some
sort of buffer to fill before it refreshes it's display. Either that or
there's some sort of timing issue. Either way, it makes aterm almost

The thing is, I thought this was a cygwin/xfree problem, since my old
machine had not had cygwin updated on it in a while, and still had X 3.3.6
on it. But about a week ago I upgraded cygwin (and NOT xfree) on my old
machine, and aterm started exhibiting the same problem.

I don't know if this is the right mailing list for this since it doesn't
seem to be an xfree problem, but I figure people on this list might have
encountered this sort of problem. I saw a similar question in the archive,
but with no solution.




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