printing from cygwin-Xfree remote printer

Bernard Revet
Mon Feb 25 01:53:00 GMT 2002

Dear Cygwinnies

I am trying to install LPRng program in Cygwin-Xfree under Windows NT.
It is not  an easy task but I understand that the complexity of 
Microsoft Windows does not help.
I followed most of the indications to have LPRng installed but I was 
stopped by the owner rules
when I tried checkpc in order to get the corrrect seteuid I got the 
/usr/local/sbin/checkpc -V -f
micro seteuid_wrapper: seteuid() failed !! Not owner
micro is the name of the machine
I need to print from micro  on a remote postscript machine which is 
shared and available on micro
I compiled LPRng as indicated after installation all commands are set to 
Admin and group none.
 I have in /etc/passwd and /etc/group the two following lines respectively


When I configure LPRng with the various uid possibilities. I always end 
with files belonging to Administ and group none.
If I  do lpstat I  get Printer 'HPLaserJ@localhost' -cannot open 
connection - Connection refused Make sure the remote host supports the 
LPD protocol.
and accepts connections from this port and from nonprivileged port
I can print from MICRO on this remote printer. under Windows NT

I would appreciate some help to circumvent the system problem and be 
able to print from a cygwin-Xfree window.
 I installed Ghostscript and Ghostview as they both have printing 
possibilities. These 2 programs are running fine but without printing

Best regards

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