To-do Item...

Harold Hunt
Sun Feb 24 11:19:00 GMT 2002

You can email me the diff file.

You are right... the recent talk about changing the keyboard event handling
to resemble VNC would make your change mostly moot.


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> Subject: To-do Item...
> I've been using cygwin/xfree for some time and thought it was high time
> I made a contribution.  I checked out your online to-do list
> ( and decided the first item,
> "Release all keys when Cygwin/XFree86 loses focus", was a reasonable
> place to start.
> I believe I have arrived at a working solution.
> So, the question is: How do I submit my fix for review by the
> developers? (FYI. I only touched 1 file,
> xc/programs/Xserver/xwin/winkeybd.c).
> P.S. Perhaps this to-do item is moot in light of your recent note about
> overhauling the keyboard event handling to more closely resemble the VNC
> approach?

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