How can i link to X11 with gcc?

Andrew Markebo
Mon Feb 18 13:37:00 GMT 2002

/ "Oleg Giwodiorow" <> wrote:
| Hi,
| I suppose this question is stupid, but i can not figure it out myself...

No questions is stupid.. just the answers.. or ehm.. ;-) well dumb I

First error, telling gcc which libs to use have to be in the end of
the link command, so instead of "gcc -lX11 foo.c" it should be "gcc
foo.c -lX11", I have seen this 'problem' many times now, why do you
have the libs first?? Inheritance from VisualC/C++?

Secondly well the X11 libs is in /usr/X11R6/lib, so that should be in
the linkpath yep.. 

If the two above comments don't help you, add  -lXext -lICE -lXaw and
maybe -lXmu to the link line.


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