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Michel Bardiaux
Wed Feb 13 03:24:00 GMT 2002

Andrew Markebo wrote:
> [...]
> | Good idea. And when reconfiguring the list server, it would be nice to
> | have Subjects prefixed with [CYGWIN-XFREE]. I know that is not so easy,
> | because the list server must ensure the prefix is not 'stuttered'. But
> | whan you are subscribed to say 6 lists, even one like cygwin-xfree that
> | does not show the origin of messages, makes management of one's inbox
> | rather hard. If there were two... <shudder>.
> Well you can always find cygwin-xfree in the To: or CC: field of the
> email.. or?? Thats how I sort them and I never get such beast in my
> normal inbox.

I should have given more details: I meant managing inbox *without having
to open each message*, i.e. just by looking at the Subject. I am using
Netscape, and in the subwindow listing folder contents, the 'sender' of
a message is the *real* sender, not cygwin-xfree. Hence, one has to open
a message to know it came from cygwin-xfree.

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