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Sorry about that:-(

Is it possible to set Reply-To: field to list address?


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Pavel forgot to cc the list.


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> Pavel,

> I still have no idea what is going on.  Is your AIX machine configured to
> expect the Czech keyboard layout?  Or, does your AIX machine expect a US
> keyboard layout?

I don't know which layout it expects, if any. But I use several AIX
When I logon on console, some of them have Czech layout and some of them
US layout. But from cygwin the behaviour is the same
- US layout with -kb parameter
- US layout without -kb parameter and NumLock off
- Czech-with-AltGr layout without -kb and NumLock on

> In fact, I barely understand how the various keyboard layout systems
> nor do I have time to learn the intricacies of them.

> I don't think I'll have any time within the next year to learn keyboard
> layouts, so you'd better just work on it yourself if you want any changes
> made.

May be...

> Sorry, but I am incredibly busy now because I am in my last semester of
> college.

OK, I remember this from my school :-)


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