Harold Hunt
Tue Feb 12 12:12:00 GMT 2002


> in winengine.c, line 86. Via GetProcAddress you get the symbol
> from the dll
>       /* Try to get the DirectDrawCreate address */
>       fpDirectDrawCreate = GetProcAddress (hmodDirectDraw,
>               "DirectDrawCreate");
> and in line 110, you the call the function.
>       ddrval = (fpDirectDrawCreate*)(NULL, &lpdd, NULL);
> I replace this call with
>       ddrval = DirectDrawCreate(NULL, &lpdd, NULL);

Oops, I forgot all about that.

Unfortunately, it has to be done via GetProcAddress because the DLL
containing DirectDrawCreate may not exist on a machine, which would cause
XWin.exe not to run at all, rather than for it to run with the GDI engine.

I basically implemented the process described in the MSDN Library and
Platform SDK about how to check that DirectDraw is present.  I'm not sure
that there is any other way to do this.


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