xterm ofer ssh to my local xfree/xwin on windows 2000 with umlaut-problems

Alexander Bruns abruns@ftk.de
Tue Feb 12 03:29:00 GMT 2002


on my german Windows 2000 installation I have a running XWIN and cygwin-
installation. When I make a SSH-connection with Secure-CRT to a
Linux-SSH-Server, I can forwart X11 to my local X-Server Running on
xfree under cygwin! That works fine!

But for example, I open in the ssh-bash an "xterm &" and the xterm opens on
my localy xfree/cygwin, I have a different language in the xterm-bash.

I cannot user the "äöü" etc.

When I make this with a booted linux on my side instead of windows and make
a ssh and the x11-forwarding to my local linux-xfree, I have the german
umlauts etc.

How Do I get this running under cygwin?



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