strange behavior

Tom Bozack
Sun Feb 10 06:44:00 GMT 2002

Something really strange happens when I do a xhost + command.  The X 
display is immediately taken over by the xdmcp login window to my 
Mandrake Linux machine on the LAN.  I can then login to the KDE and do 
anything I can on the local display.  In a way this is good news since 
I've been trying to get xdmcp to work using "XWin.exe -query 
remote_host_ip -from local_host_ip" with only partial success.

This leads me to beleive there's a bug in XWin when using xdmcp realting 
to client access to the server.  xhost + "fixes" the access problem, but 
causes the strange result of displaying the remote login screen.

Or am I just missing something basic?  Could someone let me know if 
there is a logical explanation for this.


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