Linux Mandrake and Windows

Rick Seiden
Fri Feb 8 08:15:00 GMT 2002

Hello all,

I'm new to the list, and I'm sorry if this has been answered before.  I =
looked, but couldn't find it.

I have Linux Mandrake running on one machine, with a dual boot to =
Windows 2000.  I have a Windows 98 machine running cygwin/xfree.  When I =
boot to Linux and log in (through X 3.6), I open up a terminal and type=20

xhost +=20

to allow all connections.  Then I go to cygwin/xfree on the Win98 =
machine, and type into the bash window=20

export DISPLAY=3D192.168.1.3:0=20

(the ip of the Linux machine).  Then I try to execute=20


on the Win98 machine, and it says connection refused.

Reverse the process: =20

xhost +=20

in the cygwin/xfree environment, and=20

export DISPLAY=3D192.168.1.1:0=20

in the Linux environment. =20


in Linux, and I get connection refused.

Then I boot into W2k, and do the same thing all over again, except =
everything is in cygwin/xfree.  Now it works just fine.

What am I doing wrong while under Linux? Is it because Linux is using =
X3.6, and cygwin/xfree is using 4.2.0?

Rick Seiden

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