Win98 Error - "Could not create primary surface"

Gal Aviel "gala"
Thu Feb 7 10:24:00 GMT 2002

Hi Harold,

I updated my display drivers, and the problem is fixed !

I cannot thank you enough !

Now I don't have to ask the system group
to install expensive x-server on my PC, I have full
control !!

(and yet again the myth of "no support/help for free software"
was shattered ... )

Thanks a million times ..


Harold Hunt wrote:

> Gal,
> > I'm trying to install xfree 4.0.2 on Win98/cygwin.
> Just a quick check before I delve into the details:  you did mean _4.2.0_,
> right?  If you meant 4.0.2 then we probably can't help you :)
> > A more specific error message is given in
> > the xwin.log file (attached). Also, the cygwin.out file
> > (result of running 'cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out').
> > is attached.
> Thanks for supplying XWin.log, that really helped to diagnose the problem.
> I looked up DirectDraw error 8876024e, which is named:
> Basically I'm going to guess that your video card drivers are not very
> cooperative with DirectDraw.  The most likely solution would be to try
> upgrading your video drivers and make sure that you have DirectX 8.1
> installed.  Go to to upgrade DirectX 8.1
> (and to get lots of other Windows bug fixes, etc.).
> Let us know if new drivers fix the problem.
> Harold
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