Windows based app.server

James Tetazoo
Thu Feb 7 06:40:00 GMT 2002

I'm surprised no one has mentioned WINE ( However, 
it does suffer from the limitation of only working on a Linux X-session 
running on x86 hardware (in other words, it's not cross-platform like the 
other solutions metioned in previous replies).

>From: "Chris Howells" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Windows based app.server
>Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2050 11:52:05 -0000
>With an X server running on a Win32 machine, it's possible to run X
>applications (e.g. on Linux) and have them sent over the network to appear
>on the Win32 machine.
>However, has anybody tried the other way around -- having Windows
>applications appearing on a Linux desktop, the Windows applications all
>being run through a specific Windows (NT) based application server?
>For example, imagine a network running almost entirely Linux, but needing
>to run a few legacy Windows applications. What I would like is for the user
>(sitting in front of Linux box with X) to be able to click on an icon for a
>Windows application, causing the application to start running on a Windows
>(NT) based application server. The program would entirely run on the
>Windows server, but the screen output would be sent over the network so it
>could be controlled by the user sitting on their Linux/X machine.
>I'm just wondering if this is possible?
>Many thanks,
>Chris Howells

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