Unable to type letters in login to AIX box using XFree86 4.2.0 on W2K

Moore, Billiam bmoore@a4healthsystems.com
Wed Feb 6 13:35:00 GMT 2002

  I have XFree86 installed on Windows 2000 SP 2 using all the defaults (no
mods to any config files for X) and can run local X programs (e.g. LyX)

when I run

    XWin -screen 0 1024 768 -query -from

to get a CDE session on an AIX box, I get the login screen but cannot type
in letters in the login name text box. 

- I can type in spaces and backspaces and the tab and enter buttons work so
the keyboard is at least partially recognized. 
- The mouse is fully functional. 
- I can get to the AIX box through Hummingbirds Exceed so I am fairly sure
that is confgured correctly

  Everything I have found in the FAQs and web searches deals with not being
able to connect at all or having the wrong key map. I am using no key map
which I understand means I am using the default US one which should be fine.
Has anyone run into this before or can anyone point me in a direction to
further trouble shoot?

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