Windows based app.server

Jared P Bostic
Wed Feb 6 12:50:00 GMT 2002

Brian Genisio wrote:

> I have looked at the code, and for fun, poked at it a bit.  I have
> gotten it to display a single window, instead of a full desktop.
> Possibly, this type of idea could be extended, and wrapped in a nice
> little spawining script, where if you wanted to run something... say
> MS Word, you could ship MS Word across your network to your X server.

Hey Brian,

OT a bit but, is there a way someone could get a look at those mods you
made? :-) :-)  BTW, has anyone tried displaying this remote svc (xwinx)
on cygwin/xfree86 (ie. windows to windows) with/without success?



Jared P. Bostic
Oklahoma Climatological Survey Operations Center

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