Windows based app.server

Brian Genisio
Wed Feb 6 06:15:00 GMT 2002

I have thought of the same idea... There is a little project in the works,
called xwinx (, which is like VNC, but takes the entire desktop
through the X protocol. (It doesnt require a VNC client, only an X server)  

I have looked at the code, and for fun, poked at it a bit.  I have gotten it to
display a single window, instead of a full desktop.  Possibly, this type of
idea could be extended, and wrapped in a nice little spawining script, where if
you wanted to run something... say MS Word, you could ship MS Word across your
network to your X server.

Of course, this means some coding to get it to work, and may not be extremely
feasable, but it could be more of what you are looking for.


--- Chris Howells <> wrote:
> With an X server running on a Win32 machine, it's possible to run X
> applications (e.g. on Linux) and have them sent over the network to appear
> on the Win32 machine.
> However, has anybody tried the other way around -- having Windows
> applications appearing on a Linux desktop, the Windows applications all
> being run through a specific Windows (NT) based application server?
> For example, imagine a network running almost entirely Linux, but needing
> to run a few legacy Windows applications. What I would like is for the user
> (sitting in front of Linux box with X) to be able to click on an icon for a
> Windows application, causing the application to start running on a Windows
> (NT) based application server. The program would entirely run on the
> Windows server, but the screen output would be sent over the network so it
> could be controlled by the user sitting on their Linux/X machine.
> I'm just wondering if this is possible?
> Many thanks,
> Chris Howells

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