Windows based app.server

Gilgamesh Nootebos
Wed Feb 6 04:35:00 GMT 2002

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Subject: Re: Windows based app.server

> / "Chris Howells" <> wrote:
> | However, has anybody tried the other way around -- having Windows
> | applications appearing on a Linux desktop, the Windows applications all
> | being run through a specific Windows (NT) based application server?
> Yep there is a proggy called vnc, that allows you to export your
> Windows-desktop to a machine which os has cvs exported to it.
>         /Andy

Citrix Metaframe ( ) sounds more like what Chris wants,
but it's not a low budget solution I think. The ICA client is supported on
virtually every major platform in use today. I haven't heard of similar
products using X yet.


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