Windows based app.server

Chris Howells
Wed Feb 6 04:08:00 GMT 2002

With an X server running on a Win32 machine, it's possible to run X
applications (e.g. on Linux) and have them sent over the network to appear
on the Win32 machine.

However, has anybody tried the other way around -- having Windows
applications appearing on a Linux desktop, the Windows applications all
being run through a specific Windows (NT) based application server?

For example, imagine a network running almost entirely Linux, but needing
to run a few legacy Windows applications. What I would like is for the user
(sitting in front of Linux box with X) to be able to click on an icon for a
Windows application, causing the application to start running on a Windows
(NT) based application server. The program would entirely run on the
Windows server, but the screen output would be sent over the network so it
could be controlled by the user sitting on their Linux/X machine.

I'm just wondering if this is possible?

Many thanks,
Chris Howells

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