Window manager?

James Hobro
Mon Feb 4 08:21:00 GMT 2002

I have tried using KDE 1.2, but found it rather sluggish under Cygwin/XFree.

I now use fvwm2, which is very robust and very fast. It is also 
extremely configurable, although you do this by editing a text file 
rather than through the GUI-style interface offered by 
GNOME/Enlightenment & KDE.

As far as I remember, fvwm2 compiled from source with no problems under 

If you need a sample config file, I think that there are several 
available if you follow the 'Links' link from the fvwm home page ( ).


Sean LeBlanc wrote:

>I see in the FAQ that XFCE and vtwm are available as pre-compiled binaries.
>The FAQ doesn't mention where to get them, though. Also, I'm not really
>familiar with these window managers (I run KDE on my FreeBSD box, and GNOME
>on my Linux box; I have limited exposure to some others like CDE, olwm and
>blackbox), so are there any other window managers that people have as
>favorites? I see there is a KDE-Cygwin project, but I haven't installed that
>yet - anyone have any experiences to share about KDE on Cygwin/XFree86? I
>realize a window manager can be a religious issue, but I'm looking for
>something a little more robust than twm, and easy to install...
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