Integrating xwinclip support

Brian Genisio
Sun Feb 3 14:28:00 GMT 2002

> man XSetIOErrorHandler:
>        The XSetIOErrorHandler sets the fatal I/O error handler.
>        Xlib calls the program's supplied error handler if any
>        sort of system call error occurs (for example, the connec
>        tion to the server was lost).  This is assumed to be a
>        fatal condition, and the called routine should not return.
>        If the I/O error handler does return, the client process
>        exits.
> To avoid the return you might return via setjmp/longjmp back to the startup
> code (and maybe sleep a while before doing so)

I am not sure that would be the best programming practice... (I could be wrong)
 Wont that leave the IOErrorHandler function call still on the stack, causing
problems on multiple restarts of the server?  

Or does that setjmp/longjmp change the address of the return completely?  Will
that leave other calls on the stack?  If I am wrong on this, could you explain
this practice please?  I have never used such a technique, and I am curious.

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