8-bit PseudoColor

Harold Hunt huntharo@msu.edu
Fri Feb 1 05:24:00 GMT 2002


> The XFree port for Cygwin has some issues with color depths that I was
> curious as to whether there were any plans to solve in the next
> few releases.

Reworking the 8 bit color modes is only in the plans for the next release if
you plan on doing the reworking.

> I personally do not know much about how X handles its colors.  Though I
> have always thought it was in need of a major rework.  However,
> right now I
> think it would be good to get the Cygwin port working the same as
> the Linux
> version when it comes to this issue.

I learned everything I needed to know to write the current implementation in
no more than 5 hours.  It should take you much less time, as the code is
heavily commented.

Good luck, and I hope to see your progress soon!


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