8-bit PseudoColor

Mark Jones mark.jones106@verizon.net
Fri Feb 1 02:14:00 GMT 2002

The XFree port for Cygwin has some issues with color depths that I was 
curious as to whether there were any plans to solve in the next few releases.

Currently when using it as an X-Server, if one tries to start Cadence IC 
design tools on a remote host an error is given and it fails to start:
Failed to find 8-plane PseudoColor visual

8-plane I assume means 8-bit.  This happens no matter how many colors I 
have windows set to display and it does not go away if I try to force the 
depth to 8 bit with "-depth 8".  When using Linux instead, if I have X in 
16bit color, I get the same error, but not if in 8 bit.

Cadence is not the only software I have seen run into problems with 
this.  Another commercial (but smaller in terms of sales) IC design tool 
will start, but comes up with very distorted graphics, including pull down 
menus that are doubled up, so you see two of each at the top of the window, 
along with horrible colors.  This does not occur when using Exceed (or 
Linux).  This software also is not helped by setting windows depth to 8 
bit, along with X's depth to 8 bit, the results are the same.

I personally do not know much about how X handles its colors.  Though I 
have always thought it was in need of a major rework.  However, right now I 
think it would be good to get the Cygwin port working the same as the Linux 
version when it comes to this issue.

Does anyone know anything about this?



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