Bad performance a common problem?

Brian Genisio
Fri Sep 28 04:44:00 GMT 2001

First off, Windows running on the same hardware as a Linux system will always
underpreform Linux.  To add to that, Cygwin adds a sort of emulation layer,
which will "route" unix-like calls to windows calls.  By doing that, each call
the X server has to do is significantly slower than in Linux.

Added, in my experience, the Win 9x kernel handles network messages less
efficiently than the Linux kernel.  If you are running Win 9x, you might try
using nice.exe .  You can bundle that with your minimal install... It will
allow you to change the priority of XWin.exe, thus _possibly_ improving

One thing I have noticed is that the Cygwin/Xfree server works significantly
better in Win 2K.  I attribute that to the better process model and network
handling in the kernel.  Using nice.exe in this environment will also increase
performance, but be careful... If you "nice" 2 process hogs in 2K, I have seen
them compete, and significantly SLOW down responsiveness.

Good luck,

--- Tim Koenig <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm currently testing a 'minimal' installation of XFree86/Cygwin, using only
> cygwin1.dll, cygz.dll and Xwin.exe, getting everything (including fonts) from
> a Linux server.
> It works as expected, but it's _unusable_ slow.
> Does anyone know the reason and a possible solution [OS is Windows 95]?
> I can rule out the server side issue, since performance is adequately fast
> when I use a Linux client with the same settings.
> TIA, Tim
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