Linux RH 7.1 KDE interface

Alexander Gottwald
Fri Sep 28 01:33:00 GMT 2001

On 28 Sep 2001, Andrew Markebo wrote:

> / <> wrote:
> | I am new to cygwin, and have recently installed it on a couple of 
> | computers.  I can access our Sun and SGI workstations graphically.  I 
> | have not been able to open up a graphical window to Linux.  I am 
> | currently running a RH 7.1 cluster, and would like to be able to use a 
> | remote graphic interface.  Are there any services that must be running 
> | on linux?  Any help would be appreciated.
> You don't say what the problem is, but I suspect it is that RedHat 7.1
> doesn't allow telnet login per default settings, use ssh to loginto
> the machine and it will hopefully work better.. 

or if you're using xdmcp, edit the config files for xdm (or kdm if you've
running this one)

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