XDMCP and solaris

Hongcheang.Quek@ap.sony.com Hongcheang.Quek@ap.sony.com
Thu Sep 27 22:28:00 GMT 2001

Hi Kirk

Have you solved your problem already?  I am now facing exactly the same problem.
 I am using Xfree binaries 4.1.0 and
is trying to link up Win98 and Solaris 7.  However, whenever I run XWin to setup
 a login session with my solaris workstation,
the X server window hangs and the cursor freezes.  I have no problem calling my
solaris program if I use an xterm to do it.

My command :
$./XWin -screen 0 1024x756x8 -query workstation_IP -from my_PC_IP &

Anyone with any idea?  Please advise.  Thank you.


To: cygwin-xfree at sourceware dot cygnus dot com
Subject: XDMCP Again
From: Kirk Maskalenko <kirkm at fgm dot com>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 16:15:47 -0400


I cannot get Xfree86 XDMCP to work correctly between a Windows 2000 box and
Solaris, HP/UX 11.0 or a Linux box.  In looking at the archives, lots of
others have had similar problems but I haven't seen any solutions to this
point.  Connecting to a Solaris 7 or 8 (dt) box hangs the server and the
cursor locks up. Connecting to a HP/UX 10 or 11 (dt) system hangs the
server after the wait cursor shows up and the cursor is alive. Debian Linux
appears to need additional configuration to get working as no response
occurs. I have looked at the usual suspects such as the Xaccess file and
they are configured correctly. Commerical X servers running on other PCs
are working fine (except for the Debian (kdm) box). Anyone have success
using XDMCP with Solaris, Linux or Hp boxes? What command line options are
you using to start the X server on the PC and what did you have to
configure on the Unix side?

BTW, Running the Xsession manually works fine in all the configurations.


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