no valid address (Windows 95)

Alexander Gottwald
Wed Sep 26 09:15:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Tim Koenig wrote:

> Hello,
> (please excuse that I don't do a follow-up, but I just subscribed.)
> I tried 'ls_netdev.exe' on a Windows 95 OSR 2 (Windows 95B) machine (with just one ethernet card, installed Winsock 2 and no Dial-Up Networking).
> Only the lo0 is returned and this is not a bug in 'ls_netdev.c' - the ioctl call returns that single interface (ifc.ifc_len == sizeof (struct ifreq)) only.                                                    
AFAIR, Win95b introduced winsock2. Maybe this is the problem. Cygwin uses 
3 different ways to get the network interfaces. One for Win95 and Win31,
one for NT and one for Win98, ME, 2k. Maybe the newer versions of Win95
support the win98 interface, but not the old win95 interface. I'll check 
this tonight.

This code is in winsup/cygwin/net.c

> This might be a bug in Cygwin, since that framework is not present at all in the Win32-API (I doubt anything like that is present in Winsock 1, but Winsock 2 has a GET_INTERFACE_INFO call to WSAIoctl which returns an INTERFACE_INFO) and has to be emulated completely.

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