no valid address (Windows 95)

Tim Koenig
Wed Sep 26 05:35:00 GMT 2001


(please excuse that I don't do a follow-up, but I just subscribed.)

I tried 'ls_netdev.exe' on a Windows 95 OSR 2 (Windows 95B) machine (with just one ethernet card, installed Winsock 2 and no Dial-Up Networking).

Only the lo0 is returned and this is not a bug in 'ls_netdev.c' - the ioctl call returns that single interface (ifc.ifc_len == sizeof (struct ifreq)) only.                                                    

This might be a bug in Cygwin, since that framework is not present at all in the Win32-API (I doubt anything like that is present in Winsock 1, but Winsock 2 has a GET_INTERFACE_INFO call to WSAIoctl which returns an INTERFACE_INFO) and has to be emulated completely.

 - Tim

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