Capslock freakout

Brian Genisio
Tue Sep 25 12:15:00 GMT 2001

Has anyone ever seen this?  

I was going along, doing my own thing in the Xserver (version, while
running ICEwm.  All of a sudden, the keyboard input became CAPSLOCKED.  It did
not matter if my keyboard had caps lock or not, all input was capitalized. 
Other windows apps hadd the capitalizaiton correct, includeing the bash shell
(not run in an xterm)

Unfortunately, I was unable to get out of this mode.  The only way I was able
to fix it was by closing down my desktop and starting again.

Has anyone seen this?  Is there a fix for it?  I use the X server all the time,
and this has never happened before, so it is not a big deal, but it was really


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