Some more ported apps

Mon Sep 24 07:54:00 GMT 2001

   		Hi everybody, 

I have  updated my web site with my latest ported apps on

        - gle-3.0.5 (static lib, erases the gle lib from glut)
        - glut-3.7 (static lib) 
        - xli-1.17.0
        - xloadimage.4.1
        - and finally xscreensaver-3.33

        Download them from
        Make sure to check the README files for requirements
        and usage.

	Comments are welcome....

BTW, I had problems with the JPEG files (in GQview, xli, xloadimage)
and tried some conversions with djpeg (I have the jpeg-6b-4 package).
It seems that there are problems with the DLL somewhere:
- lots of error messages when decoding JPEG files
- djpeg produces erroneous files
All files I used where tested on a Solaris and Linux djpeg/libjpeg
and produced no errors !

[cygwin] gqview DTG_04_800.jpg 
Corrupt JPEG data: 18 extraneous bytes before marker 0xdd
Invalid JPEG file structure: SOS before SOF
Improper call to JPEG library in state 201

        => Image doesn't display

[cygwin] djpeg -debug DTG_04_800.jpg > toto.ppm
Independent JPEG Group's DJPEG, version 6b  27-Mar-1998
Copyright (C) 1998, Thomas G. Lane
Start of Image
JFIF APP0 marker: version 1.02, density 72x72  1
Miscellaneous marker 0xed, length 4084
Miscellaneous marker 0xe2, length 554
Comment, length 36:
File written by Adobe Photoshop\250 5.2
Adobe APP14 marker: version 100, flags 0x4000 0x0000, transform 1
Define Quantization Table 0  precision 0
Define Quantization Table 1  precision 0
Start Of Frame 0xc0: width=800, height=600, components=3
    Component 1: 1hx1v q=0
    Component 2: 1hx1v q=1
    Component 3: 1hx1v q=1
Define Restart Interval 100
Define Huffman Table 0x00
Define Huffman Table 0x01
Define Huffman Table 0x10
Define Huffman Table 0x11
Start Of Scan: 3 components
    Component 1: dc=0 ac=0
    Component 2: dc=1 ac=1
    Component 3: dc=1 ac=1
  Ss=0, Se=63, Ah=0, Al=0
End Of Image

        ==> resulting ppm file is erroneous (garbage)

        Does anyone had or saw this problem ?

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	      |	         ASTRIUM / TRASYS-G2I         |
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