More questions about xfree

ted byers
Fri Sep 14 05:31:00 GMT 2001

Thanks Andrew,

Alexander pointed out the following:
> Oh, now I know what you mean. The problem is that bash had started some
> child processes, which run in the background. If they are still running,
> you can't close bash. If you shutdown XWin, then bash will exit and the
> window will close. There is no other way which can avoid this.

It looks to me like xinit is setting up XWin in a manner such that it shuts
down whereas is not, and I'd bet the difference is involved in
one or more of the parameters passed to the server.  But which one(s), and
what value should it(they) have?

Can you give me an example of an ~/.xinitrc file that a) sets the foreground
and background colours to something interesting, b) doubles the size of the
clock started by startx, and c) gets rid of the following error? (or is this
error something I ought to be concerned about?)

waiting for X server to shut down XIO:  fatal IO error 110 (errno ESHUTDOWN
triggered) on X server ":0.0"
      after 682 requests (678 known processed) with 2 events remaining.

Am I right to suspect that this is due to something involved in how xinit
starts XWin?

Or maybe it would be simpler to edit

I include the following from it:

# Start the X Server.
XWin -screen 0 1024 768 &
#? does the above line govern how the server is shut down?  Or ...

# Start the twm window manager.
twm &

# Set a background color to hide that nasty X stipple.
xsetroot -solid aquamarine4

# Start an xterm.
xterm -n xterm-1 -j -ls -sb -sl 500 -bg black -fg white -rightbar -geometry
+361+0 -e bash &

#? Do I have to add a statement here to shut down the server and/or the twm
window manager?
#? if so, what is the required statement?

# Return from sh.

If I edit, what would I put in ~/.xinitrc to start the clock at
twice the size of that started by startx?

And am I right in supposing that al of the part I exerpted from
could go into ~/.xinitrc?

Thanks for your time and patience.


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