Two questions

ted byers
Fri Sep 14 04:11:00 GMT 2001

Thanks Alexander

> This is not an xfree, bu an xterm issue. Try xterm -bg black. This will
> the background to black.

OK Thanks.  I was not aware of there being a difference.  I thought instead
that xterm was just another part of xfree.

>> Second, if I am working only with a bash session, I can close the window
>> using either exit or <alt><f4>, and the window closes immediately.  If I
>> start xfree, I can close it using either exit or <alt><f4>, but once I do
>> so, I can no longer close the bash session in the same way, and must
>> use the 'X' icon at the top right of the window frame.  Similarly, if I
>> start grass5, which appears to spawn a bash session as a child process
>> is the way it looks, but I have not looked into the code to see what is
>> really happening), xfree shows the same problem WRT closing that bash
>> when xfree has been started.  This is not a show stopper, since I can
>> the parent processes using the 'X' icon that generaly occurs at the top
>> right corner of the frames of application windows, and since everything
>> appears to work normally until I attempt to shut down the bash or xfree
>> session, but it is a bit of a nusance.  Is there anything I can do to fix
>> this?
> I don't understand what you want. I can only guess that you want to close
> the windows in xfree with alt-f4. This does NOT work by default. You can
> of cause modify the behaviour of the window manager but this requires a
> lot of manual reading.

Not exactly.  I was thinking only of using alt-f4 on what you identify as
the cmd window in which bash runs.  But this no longer works if I have run from that window.  Also, if I have not run, the
cmd-window closes when I issue the command 'exit', but this TOO no longer
works if I have run  But this does not happen if I have used
startx.  It is this that I do not understand, and would like to fix.

I guess you can tell I have not had to deal with this sort of issue before.
THe last time I worked on unix, if I had problems like this, I'd just talk
to the sys-admin, and he'd fix it.  :-)  I didn't even have to concern
myself with shell scripts.  :-)

Thanks again,


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