Two questions

ted byers
Thu Sep 13 18:27:00 GMT 2001

I have downloaded and installed (on NT4,sp6) cygwin and xfree: the former in
the late spring of this year, and xfree just a couple days ago.  All seems
to be working reasonably well, except for two minor issues.

First, I have a minor problem with the colours xfree uses.  The colours I
see in the bash window are fine.  However, xfree seems to use the same
colours, except that the background is white.  These colours (green and
yellow) work well in the bash window because its background colour is black.
In xfree, the background of the window in which I am entering commands is
white, so these colours become almost impossible to see.  How can I set
these colours in xfree?

Second, if I am working only with a bash session, I can close the window
using either exit or <alt><f4>, and the window closes immediately.  If I
start xfree, I can close it using either exit or <alt><f4>, but once I do
so, I can no longer close the bash session in the same way, and must instead
use the 'X' icon at the top right of the window frame.  Similarly, if I
start grass5, which appears to spawn a bash session as a child process (that
is the way it looks, but I have not looked into the code to see what is
really happening), xfree shows the same problem WRT closing that bash does
when xfree has been started.  This is not a show stopper, since I can kill
the parent processes using the 'X' icon that generaly occurs at the top
right corner of the frames of application windows, and since everything
appears to work normally until I attempt to shut down the bash or xfree
session, but it is a bit of a nusance.  Is there anything I can do to fix



R.E. Byers

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