startx fails with: could not open default font 'fixed'

Karr, David
Tue Sep 11 15:39:00 GMT 2001

Free time.  Yeah, whatever.  I couldn't even justify time for it at work,
but I might be able to start investigating it at home.

Could I get some background, if any is known, about what exactly is going
wrong, and with what tool?  If I were to guess, it's whatever builds the
"fonts.dir" and "fonts.alias" files (the "mkfontdir" app?), but I'm not
certain.  If the "bug" is with something that READS those instead of writes
them, then changing the mount back to text mode after the install might not

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> I understand now.  So, unless I'm misunderstanding something
> again, the ONLY
> way to install this correctly is to install it on a binary mount, correct?

Yes, that is correct.

> I don't want to leave it in
> binary mode, however.  Will it still work if I change it back to text
> afterwards?

I have heard reports that returning to text mode after installation works;
however, I have not verified that myself.

> Is there any way to fix the install process so this doesn't become a
> problem?

Probably.  Got some free time to work on it?

> If not, wouldn't it be a good idea to put code in the install
> script that aborts with an error if you try to install on a text mount
> (assuming there's no way that can work)?

Probably.  Sounds like you just volunteered.


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