When I want to start xdm

Jonas Bolldén a01jonbo@student.his.se
Tue Sep 11 02:37:00 GMT 2001


I use Cygwin/XFree86 on Windows 2000. (256 Mb RAM, Intel Celeron)
I hope someone could help me with this problem I have.
I want to start 'xdm'

	Jonas Bolldén@ARCHANGEL
	$ xdm
	Only root wants to run xdm

is the response, so I try

	Jonas Bolldén@ARCHANGEL
	$ login root

I have never defined any password for 'root' so I can't login.

I have tried:

	$ login administrator
	Password: **********

	Administrator@ARCHANGEL /
	$ xdm
	Only root wants to run xdm

So, is there at default password for 'root', or is there another way to do

With regards

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