Question about configuration

Harold Hunt
Sun Sep 9 23:20:00 GMT 2001


> If you are running ssh, DISPLAY might already be set, try echo
> $DISPLAY... if it is set to something like localhost:something you
> don't need to worry. If not, xhost+should also be set for the local
> machine..
> Use "DISPLAY=foo; export.." if you are running bash/zsh or "setenv
> DISPLAY foo" if you are running csh, like tcsh and so on.

Right, I would have put something like that originally, but I never used
csh/tcsh, so I needed to wait until someone gave me an example.  Oh yeah,
and I'm lazy too...  :)

> BTW on point 2, shouldn't it be "xhost + remote..." instead of "xhost
> remote..."

Since I'm lazy, I will just answer your simple question with a quote from
the xhost man page:

[+]name The  given  name  (the  plus  sign is optional) is
        added to the list allowed  to  connect  to  the  X
        server.   The  name  can  be a host name or a user

Notice, ``the plus sign is optional''.


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