XDMCP to WindowMaker on FreeBSD exhausts winsock buffer space

David Vitek dpv3@cornell.edu
Sun Sep 9 20:28:00 GMT 2001

Here's the situation:
I start up XWin either through cmd.exe or cygwin's prompt under Win2k.
I use this command line:

XWin -fullscreen -ac -query <remote host> -from <me>

My remote host is running FreeBSD and window manager WindowMaker.

And it happily connects and I log in and start WindowMaker.  Everything
is great and I am happy (and quite impressed that this works).  I start
using applications.

After doing anything for 15 - 30 minutes in windowmaker (which works great
until this point) everything suddenly closes and it goes back to the grey
screen.  I hit alt tab and go back to the windows desktop.  I notice I
can't connect to anything with any application even after killing all
cygwin / xfree86 processes.

So here's the details of what's going on even after killing XFree86 and
Any program that tries to create a socket fails.  For example, calling
Then calling WSAGetLastError() returns WSAENOBUFS.  According to Microsoft's
Platform SDK this means "No buffer space is available. The socket cannot be

I don't know precisely which (socket?) APIs use this "buffer space" but
it isn't being released by XFree86 or Cygwin and it isn't being reclaimed by
after I kill everything I can.  Rebooting the computer is the only fix I've

I've been able to reproduce this three times (I've tried only three times).

Has anyone else seen this?  Am I doing something stupid?  Which module(s)
might this problem be rooted in?  If nobody else wants to look into this, I

David Vitek

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