blue screen of death with VMware?

Alexander Gottwald
Sat Sep 8 13:09:00 GMT 2001

On Sat, 8 Sep 2001, Peoter Veliki wrote:

> I'm using it with VMware and REdhat7.1.  I can view xterms, but if I try and
> run Netscape or Opera it causes a blue screen of death.  This could be
> VMware's fault.
> Anyone use VMware?

Yes, I'm using VMWare to test the XWin after build. I never noticed such 
a bluuscreen, but I never run tests as netscape. 

Now I've done it and it works fine.

Host: SuSE Linux 7.0 / Kernel 2.2.12
Guest: Win2000 Professional 
VMWare: 2.0.3
XWin: 2-3 Weeks old CVS Snapshot

or are you using the other way? Windows host and Linux guest OS?

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