[ANNOUNCEMENT] xwinclip Test 01 (Cygwin/XFree86 andWindowscli pboardintegration)

Pavel.Rybnicek@intax.cz Pavel.Rybnicek@intax.cz
Tue Sep 4 06:24:00 GMT 2001

What exactly do you mean with "cygwin-xfree session controlled by a display
manager"? I use cygwin-xfree to connect to remote unix machine. And I use
the xwinclip with this. Yes, I simply wrote both command to .bat file.


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Pavel Rybnicek wrote:
> It works only with -ac parameter, but it's not
> written anywhere (or I didn't find that :-)
> I cannot logoff my XDMPC session when using
> xwinclip - it hangs.

Does this means that you're able to run xwinclip
against a cygwin-xfree session controlled by
a display manager?

How did you that?  Do you run XWin -query from
a .bat file?


- Steinar

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