[ANNOUNCEMENT] xwinclip Test 01 (Cygwin/XFree86 andWindowsclipboardintegration)

Pavel.Rybnicek@intax.cz Pavel.Rybnicek@intax.cz
Tue Sep 4 05:28:00 GMT 2001

Hi Harold

This new feature is really great, but I have a few of comments:

It works only with -ac parameter, but it's not written anywhere (or I
didn't find that :-)

I cannot logoff my XDMPC session when using xwinclip - it hangs.

Is it possible to simply implement some translation table using some
command line option? The reason is, that my language (Czech) uses several
character encodings, so national characters are corrupted, when I copy both
from Windows (CP-1250) to Unix (Latin-2) and back. It solves also the
CR/CRLF problem between Unix/Windows.

Thanks a lot


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