The URL "" in Konqueror crashes xfree68

Bang, Steinar
Mon Sep 3 00:36:00 GMT 2001

Andreas Eibach writes:

> FYI:
> dtno.nsf is a Notes database file from a web
> server running Lotus Domino.
> Could you please try
> They'll tell you that you're wrong here and
> link you "outta there". Neither of the two
> pages (this, and the one ending with 'OpenForm'
> should cause a crash.

Neither of them crashed either Konqueror or 

> If yes, it's a Konqueror/Cygwin problem.

Well... I'd say _anything_ that's able to crash 
the window system is a problem. :-)

I'll see if I get around to trying build 48 later 
today (I just tried it, and it still works as a
test case...:-) )

FWIW, the page showed up nicely in Konqueror 
running in XFree86 4.1 on debian potato (2.2r3).
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