fixed font problem doesn't go away

Rajesh J Advani
Sat Sep 1 02:32:00 GMT 2001

Please ignore my last post, I had intended to save it as draft. Sent it
by mistake.
I'm untarring the Xfnts file now.


Rajesh J Advani wrote:
> > Try to install fonts mannualy by gunziping
> > and untaring fonts *.tgz archives.  Someone
> > a while ago reported on Windows9x it helped.
> I did try extracting the Xfnts.tgz file manually (using the same
> extract.exe command that came in the downloads).
> Is there some other extraction utility I should use?
> Or should I be extracting some other fonts archives?
> One thing - while extracting the Xfnts.tgz, I got an error -
> "Skipping to next file header" or something like that. So I downloaded
> the file again and extracted it again. But X still doesn't work.
> (Please add my email address as a cc while replying since I'm not on
> this list.)

Rajesh J Advani
Enough is never enough!

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