Remote client cannot display on local xfree-cygwin

Fri Dec 28 14:18:00 GMT 2001

I dont know if this went through the first time or not... but did you 
use xhost to add the remote ip to the access list?

David Arnstein wrote:

>I just installed the latest cygwin and cygwin-xfree86 on Windows 2000
>Professional, service pack 2.
>I am able to start the Xserver using the script provided
>with the cygwin-xfree86 distribution.  I can start an xterm client
>locally, too.
>I would like to start an xterm client on a remote machine and have it
>display on my local cygwin-xfree86 X server.  However, this does not
>work.  It appears that the X server is not even listening to port
>If I shut down the cygwin-xfree86 X server, and start the MicroImages
>MIX X server, then the same remote machine is able to display an xterm
>client on the local MIX X server.  This indicates that networking is
>functional on my local machine, generally speaking.
>Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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