Remote client cannot display on local xfree-cygwin

Alexander Gottwald
Fri Dec 28 09:44:00 GMT 2001

On Fri, 28 Dec 2001, David Arnstein wrote:

> > Do you have a firewall or VPN software installed? 
> Yes, I am using Norton Internet Security 2.0.  My problem appears to
> involve this firewall.
> In order to properly configure this firewall, I need to identify the
> Cygwin/Xfree86 program(s) that do networking.  I punched a hole
> through my firewall for XWin.exe, but this was not enough, for some
> reason.

> If I punch a hole through the firewall for any program using port 6000
> (xserver) then the X server software seems to work.  But I would
> prefer to identify the particular program(s) that access port 6000 and
> punch a special hole in the firewall just for these program(s).  Any
> suggestions?

Any program that wants to connect to the xserver does networking. So I
thinks it's better to allow port 6000 for all programs. If XWin is not 
running then no program can respond to "attacks" and if it's running 
then the xserver has it's own authentication protocol.

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