Openoffice antialiasing fails

Suhaib Siddiqi
Thu Dec 27 12:57:00 GMT 2001

I do not have access to Open Office therefore I cannot test what actually is
going on.

Looks like two different users have same problems


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> From: Theodore H. Kaskalis [ ]
> Sent: Tuesday, December 25, 2001 6:29 AM
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> Subject: Openoffice antialiasing fails
> Greetings from a newcommer.
> As the subject implies, I cannot get XWin.exe to remotely
> display openoffice windows with antialias support.
> I am trying to connect to a Linux machine with Openoffice 641b
> installed.
> If I turn off antialias from Openoffice (SAL_ANTIALIAS_DISABLE=true)
> everything works.
> I already checked the RENDER support of XWin and tried kde or
> simple xterm antialiasing successfully.
> Any hints?
> Thank you in advance for any help given.
> Theodore H. Kaskalis

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