source code link to xc-4-src - Cygwin/Xfree is broken

Harold Hunt
Thu Dec 13 09:50:00 GMT 2001


> Yeah - It got my attention! ;->
> I just looked at the link - Pretty good!
> I missed it, initially, because I was
>  a) not thinking
>  b) had just attempted build X11r6.6 from X Org with no success
> 	(high frustration level)
>  c) it didn't say "How to Build Cygwin/Xfree"

You didn't miss anything that direct.  Notice that the timestamp of the
Cygwin/XFree86 page has changed since you last looked at it.  I just added
the link to the Contributor's Guide that I think you are referring to.  I
was saying that I thought it would be pretty hard to miss the other links to
the Contributor's Guide that are sprinkled all over the web site and mailing

Don't worry about missing it.


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