New to-do item - configuration

Alexander Gottwald
Thu Dec 13 07:13:00 GMT 2001

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Harold Hunt wrote:

> I'll tell you now that I don't really like the idea of using the XF86Config
> file, as it wasn't really suited to our needs (we don't have monitors with
> different capabilities, etc.) so I think a lot of changes will need to be
> made to the config file reader and to the list of options available.  I'm
> not sure that that is the best way to approach things.

The config file reader from xfree86 is heavily integrated into the
common/xfree86 tree. They use tons of includes and I think it's more work
to get it compiling without the common/xfree86 tree than to implement a new

I'll make the config file as close as possible to XF86Config to give users 
from Linux and other Unices a similar environment.

> I'm leaving this up to you, but I must say that I really prefer the registry
> approach as it is very simple.  There could be a simple "configuration
> profile" mechanism where you would pass "-profile 1" or "-profile
> my_profile_name" as the only command line parameter and that would load the
> specified parameters from the registry.  Just an idea...

It's as easy with config files. 
And as others have stated, config files can be easily modified, removed 
and backuped. 

> Also, don't forget that command line parameters always override the
> configuration.  In fact, just ignore the configuration if any command line
> parameters are specified.

I'll check what XFree86 does and use that method of discarding preset 

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