New to-do item - configuration

Alexander Gottwald
Thu Dec 13 02:08:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, 12 Dec 2001, Harold Hunt wrote:

> Let me step in here and tell you what I think.  I think, no, I know, that
> the configuration feature will never get implemented unless I do it myself.

Hey, I wanted to draw a closer look on it around christmas.

> So, I'll just do it however I want to when that time comes, if ever.  What
> do you think about that?

Ok, you took a real close look to the DIX layer and I guess you know where
to hook in to set the configuration parameters. But if I find some time I'll
start implementing some parts. 

Most important is that that we make clear waht we want. There is no need 
building something that needs to be modified or even rebuild later.

I advise you continue with the GDI engine and I will build the configuration

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