Help on XDM with Solaris Host

Julien Gilles
Tue Dec 11 23:40:00 GMT 2001

"Zhang, Bo" <> writes:

> Hello, everyone,
> I have installed Cygwin/Xfree86 on my NT machine. XWin worked fine
> as a standalone X-server. However, I couldn't get XDM to work with my
> Solaris 2.8. The root window is opened, but it hangs there. It looks like 
> some kind of infinite loop (CPU ustilization on my PC goes 100% for a 
> very long time), but Alt-F4 still works.
> Has anyone experienced this before? Does anyone has solutions to it?

Yes, I think I have the same problem, look in the /usr/dt/Xerrors file
(on the Sun workstation), you should have an error message "Server
should be grabbed".

Sorry, I have no solution. But I think it's related to cygwin/Xfree,
not a bad parameter on the sun side.

Julien Gilles

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